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METL is a regional coalition of the Manhattan, Emporia, Topeka, and Lawrence Chambers of Commerce, which seeks to leverage the combined strength of nearly 3,000 member businesses and organizations, represented by 30 elected representatives and senators in our region. Our motto is Stronger Together. METL pledges to work side-by-side with state officials and elected representatives to maintain fiscal responsibility while helping lead economic recovery efforts in our communities and throughout the state.


Explore solutions to the lack of available childcare which is presenting significant hardships for many families as they navigate the post-pandemic workplace. Responses could include easing the regulatory burden facing providers and funding creative ways to incentivize opportunities that would result in more children being safely cared for.

*  Make existing childcare tax credits more accessible.

*  Explore the benefits of universal pre-K education.

*  Maximize the use of matching federal dollars for Child Care Development Block Grants by committing additional State General Fund dollars to early  care and education.

*  Create a cabinet level Child Care department to lead the state in developing collaborative, innovative solutions to the childcare crisis for working parents. 


Protect existing transportation funding sources (sales tax, fuel tax, bonding, vehicle registration fees, etc.) and discontinue the diversion of funds from the Kansas Highway Fund. Undiminished funding of the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Program including working as an active partner to move the project to expand the South Lawrence Trafficway (K10) through the Development and Construction Pipelines and ensure the Polk-Quincy Viaduct Project continues to completion without delay. 


The requests of the Kansas Board of Regents to restore funding for public universities, community colleges, and technical colleges and proper funding of need-based student aid programs to ensure student access to private colleges and universities in Kansas. 


Explore ways to help the residential real estate market meet the growing demand for quality housing in all our communities. Incentivize residential development by expanding the Rural Housing Incentive District beyond rural counties to help address housing shortages. 


Strengthening the Governor’s Military Council. The GMC is a key partner with local communities, administration, legislators, the Kansas Congressional delegation, business, and military leaders working to grow and optimize the military presence in Kansas. GMC leverages this growth into additional defense related industry and jobs. 


We support a tax policy that encourages business growth and is competitive with surrounding states. This includes seeking ways to make state tax reporting requirements more business friendly, especially for small businesses; restoring the Research and Development income tax credit to all types of business entities; supporting the Kansas Framework for Growth, as well as existing incentives, such as the HPIP, PEAK, and STAR bonds; and investing one-time federal funding in economic prosperity initiatives.


KanCare expansion will help stimulate the economy and create thousands of jobs. A study by an economist from Kansas State University found that expanding KanCare would create more than 23,000 new jobs. It would protect access to care and save jobs, especially in rural areas. 

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