A membership with The Chamber provides numerous benefits to help you sustain and grow your business.  From networking and educational events, to tools and resources, to advocacy with key legislators for business-friendly legislation, the Chamber is constantly striving to provide the best services to our members to help them with their business needs.

“We always know we have an advocate in the Chamber; helping us build our business and keeping our best interests in mind.” Jordan Schuette, Business Development Officer, Truity Credit Union

Member Dues

The Chamber’s dues structure is based on business size in which each member business will pay dues based on the number of full-time equivalent employees. There is separate pricing for Individuals, Retirees, Nonprofits, Banks and Utilities. Join The Chamber today!

 Number of Employees (FTE) Membership Dues Number of Representatives
 1-5 $415 2
 6-10 $445 2
 11-20 $485 2
 21-30 $540 4
 31-50 $620 4
 51-70 $730 4
 71-100 $940 4
 101-200 $1,370 8
 201-300 $1,690 8
 301-400 $2,005 8
 401-500 $2,330 8
 501-600 $2,650 8
 601-700 $2,965 8
 701-800 $3,290 12
 801-900 $3,610 12
 901-1,000 $3,935 12
 1,001 or more $4,250 12
 Specialized Chamber Memberships
Type of Membership Membership
Number of Representatives
 Individuals: This membership category is intended for people without a business affiliation $210 1
 Retired $90 1
 Nonprofit $300 2
 Professionals: Architects, Attorneys, Certified Public Accountants, Chiropractors, Dentists, Engineers, Physicians, Realtors $410 1
 Financial Institutions: Banks, Savings & Loans, Credit Unions $43 per million in deposits in Douglas County Follows schedule above*
 Hospitals Employee count plus $38 per bed Follows schedule above*
 Utilities Employee count plus $.37 per customer in Douglas County  Follows schedule above*
*If dues are more than $7,000, the organization is allotted an unlimited number of Chamber reps
**Additional representatives are available for $150 for those levels with a set amount of representatives.


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The Chamber provides our members with the tools and resources to help them
build, sustain and grow their business.