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This Week’s Featured Member: Miller Retirement Group

After consulting for financial advisors across the country, Nate Miller wanted to remove the middle man. “I really got a lot more fulfillment from helping retirees secure their retirement,” said Nate, the founder and owner of Miller Retirement Group. Nate focuses on making sure people don’t lose what they’ve worked to save and have enough income to live off of for their entire lives.

Nate uses what he calls a retirement resuscitation report. It analyzes a person’s portfolio for current risk and volatility. It also finds potential hidden fees and runs a stress test on income streams to make sure those will last.

“That way they’ll no longer wonder if they have enough,” Nate said. “They’ll know.”

Nate is also a published author after he developed what he calls the CPR Retirement Rescue Roadmap. After consulting for many years, Nate saw what worked and what didn’t. That’s why his roadmap is based on a low-volatility investment discipline. “We figure out what’s the least amount of risk someone needs to take in order to make the amount of money they need to make,” Nate said. “I feel like protecting someone’s money in retirement really speaks to that.”

To learn more about Miller Retirement Group, visit If you would like to order Nate’s book on Amazon, click here:

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