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This Week’s Featured Member: Harmony Chiropractic

Melissa Volk, D.C., of Harmony Chiropractic prides herself on individualized treatment plans for all of her patients. “I correlate all the exam findings, x-ray findings, and write up a specific treatment plan for that individual,” Melissa said. “They’re getting one-on-one care with me.”

Melissa uses a type of adjusting called specific prone. “It involves no rotation of the spine,” she said. “I like the gentle specific style of adjusting because I feel like it has a better chance of getting to the problem, addressing the issues at hand, and stabilizing so it doesn’t come back.”

Melissa has a special passion for treating expecting mothers, babies, and children. But chiropractic is for everyone because we all have a spine. Stressors can affect the spine and Melissa focuses on treating the whole person. “With chiropractic, we are one of the very few professionals who get to touch the person who’s in pain and give them a treatment that will help them feel better,” she said.

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