Recognition & Awards

The Chamber recognizes outstanding performance and service to the Lawrence and Douglas County business community and community at large.

The Citizen of the Years

Each year the Chamber recognizes a community leader who has shown a lifetime commitment to our community.

Past winners include:
2017: Mike Amyx
2016: Kurt von Achen                                            1999: Al & Julie Hack
2015: Jean Milstead                                               1998: Art Wolf
2014: Hank Booth                                                   1997: Jessie Branson
2013: Web & Joan Golden                                     1996: Olin Petefish
2012: Dwayne Peaslee                                           1995: Warren Rhodes
2011: John McGrew                                                1994: Jim Owens
2010: David Ambler                                                1993: Charles Stough
2009: Don & Alice Ann Johnston                       1992: Emily Taylor
2008: Deanell Tacha                                              1991: Ross Mosser
2007: Tom Groene                                                  1990: Dick Barber
2006: Dolph Simons, Jr.                                        1989: Arden Booth
2005: Bob Georgeson                                             1988: John Vogel
2004: Hortense “Tensie” Oldfather                    1987: Ray Nichols
2003: Bob Stephens                                               1986: Art Heck
2002: Bob Billings                                                  1985: Dolph Simons, Sr.
2001: Nancy Hambleton                                       1984: Art Weaver
2000: Jim Schubert

Wally Galluzzi Volunteer of the Year Award

Each year the Chamber recognizes one of our outstanding volunteers with the Wally Galluzzi Volunteer of the Year Award. Wally was a legendary volunteer who served the Chamber in many ways, including a term on the Board of Directors and as the first chairman of the Envoy Committee in 1982. Wally was president of Haskell Indian Junior College from 1970 to 1981 and was always the first person to volunteer when the Chamber needed assistance.

Past winners include:

2016: Lance Mullen
2015: Amber Nickel                                                1999: Debbie Liddel
2014: Jean Milstead                                               1998: Shirley Martin-Smith
2013: Cindy Yulich                                                 1997: Kurt von Achen
2012: Kevin Loos                                                     1996: Linda Trochtrop
2011: Ranelle Fischer                                             1995: Jane Bateman
2010: Michelle Fales                                              1994: Frank Male
2009: Rachel Rademacher                                   1993: Chuck McPheeters
2008: Jana Dobbs                                                   1992: Steve Figuieras
2007: Jandi Smith                                                  1991: Mary Lou Roberts
2006: Earl Reineman                                             1990: Phil Bradley
2005: Ryan Wedel                                                  1989: Gloria Morton
2004: Linda Trotter                                                1988: Bernard Judge
2003: Bob Bowline                                                 1987: Al Hack
2002: Allison Vance Moore                                 1986: John Humphrey
2001: Becky Mason                                                1985: Ron Miller
2000: Rusty Thomas                                             1984: Meredithe McCormick

Athena Award

The ATHENA Award, presented by Crown Automotive, celebrates the potential of all women as valued members and leaders of the community and recognizes those who support them. The ATHENA Award honors individuals who strive toward the highest levels of professional accomplishment, including women and men, who excel in their chosen field, have devoted time and energy to their community in a meaningful way, and who also open paths so that others may follow.

Past winners include:
2016: Cindy Yulich
2015: Barbara Ballard                                           2005: Sue Morgan
2014: Sandy Praeger                                            2004: Marilyn Bittenbender
2013: Beverly Smith Billings                             2003: Marilyn Dobski
2012: Sharon Spratt                                             2002: Joan Golden
2011: Ann Gardner                                               2001: Jean Milstead
2010: Jane Bateman                                            2000: Judy Wright
2009: Judy Billings                                              1999: Shirley Martin-Smith
2008: Deanell Tacha                                            1998: Dee Bisel
2007: Vickie Randel                                            1997: Jan McNish
2006: Barbara Carswell


Previous Awards: Buford M. Watson Public Service Award (last given out in 2014)

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